Best Alternatives to Try

Best Alternatives to Try
  1. Shadow Avatar

It is an app that blocks ads and popups, and shows a Shadow Avatar instead to make ads less intrusive. It is a browser that blocks ads and popups and displays a Shadow Avatar instead, which is a dark themed avatar that fades into the background and is less intrusive.

  1. Ad-Away 

It is an app that blocks ads in all of your browsers. It filters out all ads so that you can browse the internet without being interrupted by pesky banners or pop-ups. There's no need to keep refreshing the page or constantly clicking to close out ads. You can just enjoy your browsing without any bothersome distractions.

  1. Adguard 

It is a suite of anti-tracking and anti-malware tools for the Android. The app also includes an Ad Blocker that prevents ads from loading at all.

  1. Adblock Plus 

It is a free app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It blocks ads on webpages and stops ads from tracking you. You can change your settings to block certain ads or even block all ads. It also helps you save data and bandwidth. Adblock Plus is also easy to use. It installs in seconds and you’ll never need to worry about ads again.

  1. AdNauseam

It is an open-source browser extension and mobile app which allows users to give themselves control over the ads they see, by allowing users to simulate clicks on the web, and to hide the ad and trackers associated with it.